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Saturday, December 11, 2010

NeVer say NeVer!!!!!!!(justin Beiber madness!!)

Rise n Shine girlz n boyz....

 This is iman in the house..hehe...i'm really SUPER  bored with my mum working,n my dad refuse to help me keep up with my driving skills n of cos with my annoying bro at home who's always pissing me off..A few days ago he told me that i'm being crazy writting in a blog dat nobody giv a crap on..i surely hope dat he's wrong...wat a doouche!!!!!Btw,if u guys r at the sme level  of boredom as i am,well here is a nice vid frm JB u shud listen to... its actually a soundtrack from da movie 'karate kid'..juz to take ur mind off ur damn life....enjoy!!!

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