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Sunday, February 6, 2011 we come!!!!!!


Hugs n kisses from all Gitd crew member!!!miz u guys yg setia dgn our blog!!thnx for da wonderful support n hope its not too late to wish u guys a Happy New Year!!may u guys be blessed with luv,peace,serenity n tranquility throughout this entire great new year..To everyone yg turn 17 this year mcm kitorang ni,all the very best to u guys!!Let's struggle even harder this year k..besides,it's for our own damn good,right?!! Not to forget, on the previous post,Misz Dekyah did mentioned that we had invited our new member, Zaf..A.k.a Nurul...We surely hoped that she'll bring a lot of fun n will spend an unforgettable n joyful moments together with all three of us..K,dats all for rite now!!!till we meet again,muahx3!!!!

Luv me or Hate me!!!!!!

 Nur Iman Ruslan...
`gitdcrew gmpax!!`

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