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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friends are forever rite?!! ; )


                  This is me,rafa...sja nk update ckit..agak boring bla tiada my bf n my bff di sisi...huhu..kebosanan tahap gaban mula melanda..he3...But,no one is going to stick with us forever rite..suma orang ada keja,priorities,,wats wrong with being alone sumtimes....hmm,when we're alone we can take a few moments to think of da cwit moments n memories with da people we luv....btul x?..

Well,i xnak mrepek pjg2 la..juz wanna share sumting with u guys..boyfriends come n goes,money come n goes..happiness come n goes...but i'm certain dat friendship are meant forever!!!
Here are some moments of friendships dat i may not forget......

juz wanna say dat i really appreciate those cwit mments when we were tgther bbez...hope u guys felt da same n i hope our friendship do last forever...n ever!!!!!hu3...

nur iman ruslan ; )

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