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Friday, October 28, 2011

rinduuuu lahhhhhh...huhu....


Miz Rafa on the line...huhuhu..its been a while since our last update kn??well,we've been busy la...with our last preparations during the holiday...Now dat i think bout it..exam dh mkin dkat...dkat sgt....another 17 days klu xsilap...OMG!!!!
i kept on wondering these days,whether i shud be happy exam dh dkat or i shud be scared...yla,klu exam dh dkat mksdnya i dh dkat dgn my three months,at the same time i kept on asking myself,am i ready for it??i mean lps ni there's no turning back...n all my luvly mmories in school will be gone... forever...lpas ni dh tak bley snyap2 cheng klas kmia dh...oppps!!!hahaha....i really am going to miss those sweet mmories..
Well, i wish all the very best to suma yg mnduduki spm this year..hope suma ley capai target msing2....aminnn!!

K la i pn dh lpas rndu kt,i guess its gudbye for now since i xstdy bio lgi today...huhu...k,c ya!!

Miz Rafa..; )

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