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Monday, July 11, 2011

Try to think positive ! :D

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh .

remember ! Think positive ! :))
Good evening and how are you today ? Urghh ! Today , I'm gonna say and share something about positive thinking . Yeah , everybody have their own way and their own life . And definitely , everyone has their own problems .
I strongly believe that no one in this world can ever say that they have never felt any sadness in their life . Hahaha . I wanna have a big laugh if there is someone tell me that .

Actually , what am I wanna say here is that , anything that happens in out life , we must take it in a positive way . Yeah , I've learned that yesterday from someone that I can rely . I know babes , who really know me especially those GITD Crewz , for sure you guys gonna say that I'm not a positive thinker . Yeah , I admit that babes .
And I also want to be honest , that I'm not a positive thinker . Everything is a problems to me . Even just a little thing , I'm gonna said that it is a problem . Hahaha . I'm a bad person right ?

Hihih . Yeah , I have a lot of bad behavior . Hihi . I'm not shy for admitting that kind of things because that is true me derr . Haha . In addition , whenever my friends are in trouble , I never say anythings that gonna calm them . Hahahaha . I'm not fear them off , but just I cannot think positively . For me , anything bad gonna happen , and everybody should be aware of those things . Right ?

But , yesterday , a thought of someone came across my mind . Who is it ? Let it just be secret . :))
From now on , I try to be a positive thinker . :)) I love everyone who read this post , my mom , my dad , my siblings and my friends of course . :)) Hihihihi .

If , I'm not good enough for you guys , I'm really sorry . I'm not a perfect human beings because I always need you guys to make me as a perfect girl . :))

Ok la babes , I think I wanna end my speech here . :)) [perasan la pulak]
See you in my next post yaa .

Love you :
Assalamualaikum .

p/s : bukan nak speaking BI , tp aku cuba untuk improve BI aku . so , aku minta maaf la ek . :) kalau ada salah silap , korang tegur la . :)) pleasure to hear that babes ! :))

Salam Qaseh :
Cik Feira - sayang kamu semua ! =)

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