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Friday, July 8, 2011

where is the love???


Sharing is caring but sumtime kita chose not to share our emotions ek??adkah kita rsa yg kita xslmat klu kta share dgn sumone...or juz simply kita xnk org fkir yg kta insan yg lmah..well,this is the type of question that's been playing in my mind for quite sometime...hmmmm,..still wondering though...that's the first one ..the second one is...knp guys slalu end up skitkn aty gurlz??ssh sgt ke nk jga aty sorang pmpuan tu???klu dh tw girls ni cpt sensitive n sumtimes a lil bit emo,jgn la ska aty ja nk break their hearts,btl x???i'm not actually talking bout myself though.,ni bout sumone yg i really care about in my life n she's been in situation where the guy keep on hurting her so much...and she's been nice to him but he's been blinded by the thoughts of 'he could get any girls he wants'...I say,What a jerk!!!Come on la..he shouldn't be so dumb to think that he could get away easily...I'm not saying that i believe in karma and stuff..but.."What goes around,comes around", right?? My point is,to all guys out there yg rsa dri tu mcm bgos sgt,dh la...stop it!! Its just meantime where you'd actually come into your senses and realise who's actually better for you..But,be careful though,cos not every girl is wiling to wait for you and forgive you easily...Don't wait till its too late for you to regret it cos it will eventually hurt u back...Like i said,karma.,right? ;D

P/s: i didn't mean this to all guys out thre k...i still believe that they're guys who wouldn't hurt their this case,gf dy tu mst bruntung gla dpt bf cm tu.....cos xrmai lki cm tu nowdays, rite?

K,dh byk mrepek sgt ni...t smpy xtdy plak...huhu...k,u guys..njoy ur weekends!!!love ya!

Miz Rafa...

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