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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Helllloooo everyone!!!!!!!

Bonjour everyone,

This is me,Miz Rafa... I just had my dinner..i miz this bloggie so much that i decided to update it..its actually 7 o'clock in the evening over here in Paris...I arrive at 8 a.m yesterday at the airport..The best part is when i walk out of the feel the fresh n cold air on my face is just superb!!!!!its 11 degrees dlm peti ais je rsa...I'm enjoying my stay over here and felt welcomed at u.sylvain n a.ogy's house...Today we went around the town of Montlehry and do a little bit of shopping at Carrefour..However i'm still trying to adapt to the weather here which is cold..I wish i can upload some photos,but i cant cos i'm using an iPad rite now...will try to upload thru Fb though.Well,that's all for now..miz everyone in msia....will update more soon...till we meet again,muahhhhhhx..

Love from Paris,
Iman a.k.a Miz Rafa..; D


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